Course Contents:
Study Resources
A variety of study materials to guide you
The ITIL Powerpoint presentations
The crib and revision fact sheets
Exam Prep
Sample questions and mock exam extracts.
Expert tips, guidance and advice

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The ITIL Foundation Course

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ITIL Foundation Certification Made Easy

Training for the ITIL Foundation Certificate can be approached in a number of ways. Traditionally, however, these tend to bring challenges of their own. For example, classroom training has to be scheduled, planned, prepared for, and is usually expensive. Online training is sometimes of variable quality, and brings dependency upon an internet connection and a stable remote server.

Fortunately, there IS a third way: the downloadable Self-Learning Course.

The Comprehensive Course You Can Download to Your PC

This remarkable course has been designed from top down to make ITIL training as convenient and interesting as possible. It comprises a series of high quality items, each created to deliver (and re-enforce) the knowledge required to pass the foundation exam with distinction.

Within the zipped download is the following:
  • Full glossary, guides and advice for self study

  • The ITIL Presentations: The course presented via Powerpoint foils

  • The Revision sheets: The key points from the 5 books distilled for revision

  • The Exam Prep: Mocks, sample questions and more

  • Tips and Guidance: Advice from experienced hands
To demonstrate the quality of these materials, we have produced snapshots from each of them for you to view directly. Simply select from the list on the left.

Self-Learning Puts YOU In Control

The ITIL Self-Learning Course puts you in control of the process. You can study when you want and where you wish: all the materials are at your finger tips.

Note also that this is an ITIL 2011 course: which is the very latest release of the IT Infrastructure Library®.

Obtaining the Course

This could hardly be more straight forward. Simply purchase the course via our secure server, and then download it to your PC. You can be studying for the exam within seconds.

To obtain the course now, simply visit our PURCHASE PAGE