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ITILŪ Foundation Certification Made Easy: FAQ

We are often asked the same questions by different people with respect to the training course, and other related matters. Hopefully the following questions and answers will be of use:

1. Is it an 'official' course?

Yes. It was produced by what is known as an ATO (Authorized Training Organization) and has been formally approved by PeopleCert.

2. How do I take the exam?

You can arrange to take the exam at a Prometric or Vue Pearson Test Centre. There are around 30,000 testing locations around the world, so one should be available at a local venue. To locate one, simply use the search facility on the Prometric website. See the following help page for details:

3. Why is the price of the course so cheap?

By selling the course online, our overheads are low. At the same time, because this is an extremely popular course, we are able to benefit from 'economies of scale' and pass those savings on to our customers. In addition, our prime ethos is one of good value for the customer.

4. What happens when I have purchased the course?

You will normally be presented with download details on the final purchase screen. These are also sent by email to you. If your credit card company requires a manual check, you will be sent the details by email (usually within a couple of hours).

5. How do I download the course?

You simply click on the link provided. Your browser will then ask you to save the file on your PC. You then double-click this and the course contents are presented for you to extract to whichever folder you wish. It could hardly be easier.

A Guarantee

Finally, we guarantee that this website accurately describes the contents of the course. We pride ourselves on this fact, which is why most of the pages contain genuine extracts from the deliverable.

Obtaining the Course

This could hardly be more straight forward. Simply purchase the course via our secure server, and then download it to your PC. You can be studying for the exam within seconds.

To obtain the course now, simply visit our PURCHASE PAGE